Moved. Joint effort with the boyfriend.

I remember we all used to hate that gawdawful Can't Get You Out Of My Head song. It was playing in the school canteen on repeat and everyone, from radio stations to malls to clubs, couldn't get enough of the track. Nearly a decade later (and considering how long she's been at it), after all sorts of shenanigans (ops, mostly), Kylie Minogue is still all bouncy booty. That's a symbol of human spirit and endurance right there. Something I appreciate every day and am awed by since I got older.

Do you know I realize that most people I've met and talked to about music make me feel like I'm living in a single-party state. They seem to be intolerant of anything new. Yes, I can feel Muse fans giving me dirty looks. Personally, I think progressive rock now is... well not progressing. Well that's just my two cents. But then again I too can't tolerate many things. Am I a single-party state as well? I think not.