Weeeee!!!!! Got myself Blog-ged. I would like to thank Miz Sarsi fo being a royal pain in the arse, the hardcore_punkid (I'm really sorry you lost your wallet), Miz Dee-va (the pink Nike is better than stoopid Miz Sarsi's limited editions), Leesha, the young and beautiful Ah-Mah and the Bapok Central. You guys inspired me to type out my ramblings.
Anyways! I am pissed. I'm still pissed about The Red Party. I can't let it go till now. I cannot believe I let 'peluang ke-emasan' slipped thru my fingers like sand. At this point I can only think of three imbeciles I wish would just drop dead. The 3 Baduts who should have paid me so I get motivated. The 3 Baduts who should have been fucking grateful I got them their 1st big break. I'm pissed pissed pissed!
And yesh I really really really love my booming granny!!!!!!!