Way Way Affected By Nonsense
oritez people... told you about the fantics earlier on. well, there's this fella who writes very very days of lives style, man. his stories goes by chapters and there were eleven of them and since 2pm today i've been reading all of em. the story's entitled 'The Glory Days'. wah damn drama can? plus the way he writes is so believable i'm hating fabrizio moretti right now. yes, i'm beginning to have a dislike for my mr gorgeous of the millenia. the story is entirely fiction but i can't help it.
the story is actually about how nick (mr skinnny-as-a-pole pretty boy) hooked up with this druggie he actually likes from a party. then it so happens four days into their relationship, after a gig at a bar, nick brought her back to fab's place for an after party bash (coke, booze, pills, smokes, dicks, pussies, the works. jigjig heaven!). she, nick and fab got comfy in fab's room. comfy as in friendly comfy not menage a trois comfy, yah. so she didn't go home and she had to work the next day right so fab, mr i'm-so-super-friendly-coz-i'm-down-wif-everybody, borrowed her his shirt so she could go to work the next day straight from his place.
and she did. on the next day she came over his place without nick to return the shirt coz she had no party to go to and nick wasn't answering his phone and she was bored. wahlau! of coz mr fab the supposedly intellectual dreamboat just had to take the opportunity lar. says he's in the middle of painting his couch lar, can she like pose for him coz he wanted to draw her. then he just had to be a total GUY and push the limit ar. ask her to pose nude for him in the name of art.
and of coz they made out on his couch, have sex there and nick had to just walk in after their having sex. nick who was all fucked up becoz julian was harangue-ing him about his excessive drug intake now that he's hooked on this druggie girl. not only nick was there but julian and nikolai happened to be there as well to see both fab and the druggie in the nude. and the drama ensues.
morale of the story is never come between two guys who are 'members' coz after the big show of fighting over you, you'll be with neither of them in the very end. and that was precisely what happened. she was left with nothing but bitter memories coz she was really into nick and she ended up being some else's whore. so sad. then just like somebody very dear to me, she went out and got herself a tattoo which said 'no regrets' after the whole ordeal was over.
the chee bai part was when fab called her up a coupla weeks later to apologise. how very chee bai of him rite?