eh the last post was actually a Jay Z song oritez? Girl's Best Friend it's called.
the strokes US tour has commenced, their fan groups/message boards are buzzing with people wanting to meet up with each other at this and that state before the shows. how cool. what am i doing? attachment. where at? singapore, beach road to be specific. any chance of going anywhere? not in a million years. no wonder we're a dull bunch. lament lament lament that's all i can do.
got a cake last night, pretty good stuff. smelling of Truste By Tiffany today (courtesy of her holy matriach, my momma). pretty good stuff, too. i was getting bored with the Clinique Happy Heart anyways. mr i-look-like-jatt-circa-99 tried to hit on me yesterday. well, maybe hit is not the word. flirt. get lost, zam. disappear.
dan A of the black keys has one of the most gorgeous voices of 2003. did i ferget to mention that? it's the bomb when it's rainy and cold outside and you're in bed listening to him singing out from the stereo. almost like a therapeutic bubble bath. he's not much older than us (in his early 20s at the most). how can anyone sound like that and be in his early 20s ni? feh...