Ferragamo or not, I'm having none of those
today had to follow my super go interview people today. so i had to wear presentable clothes. sial ar yo friend here wanted to feeling feeling audrey hepburn, she juz had to wear her momma's short lil black dress and her momma fresh outta da box ferragamo mary janes. how i fucking wish i wasn't that stupid. coz of the rain, that suede shoes are soaked thru and i think i bust the soles. damn damn damn my momma's gon have my hide. and that bloody shoes hurt my precious sneaker-meant feet.
anyways i got to meet two new yorkers. we're tokking bout upstate new york, wall-street journal kinda yanks here. they tok way way funny than your regular americanos, man. and plus the lady was wearing this big-ass gold bangle from tiffany's. couldn't stop gawking at the thing. and i bet her suit was from givenchy, post-alexander mcqueen, that is (coz it's shitass powder blue fugly).
yippee, i'll be doing a book reveiw on Kmart... the death of Kmart. i'm so exhilirated. can you guys tell?
orites i'm working on richie's character at the moment. i'm so gonna make all my characters funkoz especially my gurls! cheers!