funkoz the works lar
about saturday: forget about going to my place to makan lar, let's juz have a good hang around/chilling out session at orchard this saturday. i was thinking about asking mat to cook for all us (coz he offered to one time) but then thought better of it. i'd rather he finish with my D.I.Y first. how can i not love this guy? he is everybody-loves-muhd afterall.

i was parents do not want me carousing around overseas. momma says she wants me to stay put here. she told me yesterday that papa says study in one of the uni and get a job here, no mo negotiations. this is so sial, man. i bet they'll let null go australia if he'd asked them. so unfair. i'm like their reliable insurance or something. i feel like peddling for my overseas education come raya. you know, go around my aunties place with my stack of aussie college brochures and sell my vision to them. harharhar... maybe i could make a deal: u invest in my education and you don't need to give raya/birthday money for the next decade. you have not realise desperation until you're in my shoes, friends.

after i tekan my brother not to share my present with his drippy half, he went ahead and did it. he shared with his girlfriend and got me this bandung bikini from arena (top fits about right, bottom too damn big, size 36"). well, he said he learnt from the best when i berated him about it. he juz wanna corner me into being nice to his girlfriend, that's what i think. uuurgh! null, the bane of my sisterly existence! love him all the same tho.

i've got myself some inspiration from reading mo Strokes fanfic. there's this story called The Ballad Albert & Stella written by this canadian. i wish my emo descriptions were that vivid, man. she's good. but the storyline a bit cliche lar but good writing all the same.

so i got bored with trying to make the Richie character come alive so i'm thinking about Rui, the papi chulo activista. gonna make him look like a wiry Aztec prince, complete with the razor sharp mind and the languid movements. he has a politically-incline family background and he's all about anti-conformity and the usual blah blah blah of being an over zealous activist.

i was thinking about making the band fight with the Strokes at a club coz sal saw his ex-girl making out with julian. damn, that'll be cool! then sal could like give jules a bloody jaw and i could slap fab's face for calling me a groupie of an insignificant band, mat can PAM both nick and albert's smug faces, nikolai would juz stand there in silent horror and kenny is just drunk silly and laughing at the whole fracas.