this song is going to be up on first track from the Dude Foundation CD.
those who think simple plan is the future of punk rock, please download this song and buy the CD.
mean time, the rest can just trash simple plan (and blink 182, good charlotte, the ataris and etc, etc, etc...) while waiting it out for The Strokes Room On Fire album.

Desist The Freaky Shit? HELL, NO!
null has to bear the brunt of my freaky orgasmic state the whole Sunday. i was at my ibook manically trying to churn out mo freaky things and when i think i've done something fantastic i was dancing around like julia stiles when she was drunk and dancing on the dining room table in 10 things. brainwave after brainwave, friends, you better believe it.
null says: wow, kak, how bout putting a poll on your blog "which guy does harm look best with; booming granny or mond?"
if he didn't take that pic on Saturday, i would have taken a swing at him for trying to be all kak-you-really-should-get-yourself-outta-dis-funk-it's-getting-migthy-old on me. wateva, lame brain. why is my brother my brother?
and yes, he's drippy half is not only DRIPPY with a capital D she is also horny. what a gross combi, man. she got herself drunk yesterday and msg null about juz wanting to make love to him or something. my brother didn't reply and switched his mobile off after deleting the msg. the bitch is full of shit. too much teenage politics i'd rather not go into.
and MAT! that wanker... suspose to meet up, he wasn't even at home. so chee bai nez of him. actually i'd be lying if i said i was mad coz i was kinda glad we didn't go out. i much rather stay in and fiddle around with my ibook (which i did!) hey you know, now that i keep looking at the pic of myself and booming granny, the white stripes come to mind. now, why is that?
and i gotta agree with naz, we do look like siblings. the kinda siblings who practises incest. heh heh heh! i cannot get over deadstar's funkozamatic-ness. why he gotta be like that? The Autistic One. i should be the one with the forty licks T-shirt, goddammit!