woke up and stumble stumble stumble
my aspiration to be a graphic editor extraordinaire has been dampen by a dial-up modem. tried to exploit the company's DSL but the crummy thing refuse to log me into the system through my ibook. oh woe is me!
here's something really really extraordinarily pathetic. yesterday i was zoning out big time at work, at play, at home: thinking about how gorgeously bachin(bachin meaning somebody who looks like he hasn't had bath in a week)Wan is. sigh...gorgeous things just don't come to some lar what can i say?
anyways, plans for my birthday is going to come as a mild shock for you beautifuls. having it at my place next Saturday (18/10/03). i figured i won't trouble bkm momma. besides i'm exploiting someone else. my very own catering service...heheheh...has yet to be reveal but you beautifuls can make a good guess.
shah skivved skool today to go desaru with her cronies. i was suppose to come along but i didn't think that was gon be a good idea lar. i hope she has fun there with her boys. NO! what i really really really hope is she brings back The Black Keys CD in one piece. already i woke up today in a somewhat foul mood...no Set You Free song to give me a headstart to my day. instead, i had to make do with Smashing Pumpkins Greatest Hits. wahlau! meloncholia overdrive can?
oh wan wan wan where for art tho wan...