i hate to admit this but sweetz was right. at the drive-in was good. i cannot believe i really only took a listen to their tracks after they broke up. and they were signed under grandroyal some mo! waaaaaaahhhh. so saddening and maddening. you know i used to think omar was the frontman coz when i first saw them in an issue of Kerrang a year ago, he was the one that caught my eye. it's definitely the hair and the emo specs.
in my opinion, two of sweden's finest: biffy clyro and i against i. got a pleasant surprise when i found out biffy clyro is still releasing records. gravy. not sure about i against i. think they're still touring.
i spent 3hrs this morning soundchecking albums i'm thinking of buying. heh! at work and i'd rather not do my 1st draft. no motivation so surf for nonsense things.
eh whoever got the zack de la rocha/dj shadow March Of Death mp3 can send over to me not? i tried downloading off the site but cannot.
and did i mention julian casablancas has one of the most gorgeous voices of 2003? someone send over this unreleased song by The Strokes to me. it was taken from the early days when they were doing gigs in bars and clubs circa 2000. gorgeous.
desperate and displeased with whoever you are
so angsty hor?