They Didn't Call So I'm Sad
myabe it's coz i didn't wash my hair in two days. all the negative vibes cling to the curls or something. to make myself feel better, i visited all the mp3 blogs i have in my favourite links and went on a downloading rampage. i am proud to admit that i download music. till now i cannot believe that Jet's Look What You've Done is doing well on our local charts. did y'all remember what i said about their slow songs in a previous entry; forget them! and here it is, Look What You've Done, sitting pretty in #03 on the local music chart. feh!
today is Null's birthday. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY! he likes to think that now he's older, he's all the wiser. r-r-right. he's out now in this rainy weather. probably celebrating his day with that girlfriend of his. not that i have an active dislike on her. it's a sibling's thing, i guess. Null never likes any of the guys i go out with either.
i saw somebody wearing a Look Out Records ringer shirt yesterday. it was kinda irksome when i took a good look at who was wearing it. he doesn't look like the friendly, chatty type of guy. he looks like the type who'd get grossly offended if i decide to flex my expansive (oh so i like to think) vocabulary on him. well whatever. at least he wasn't wearing that gorgeous Ben Sherman shirt.
so Omar Rodriguez is coming out with a solo album. the Roach tells me it's going to sound intrumentalia. mmm... Omar. Omar reminds me of nice afro hair. nice afro hair goes well with a nice bum. nice afro hair + nice bum = the Beloved. hurhur.
Nisa: if you're reading this, you better tell me whether you'll be in KL when i come. i hate to think i won't be able to meet up with my bestfriend when i'm there.