the boomin' granny is not the boomin' granny anymore. he has fallen from grace and i am glad to get rid of my long-time obsession. i mean, some of us need to do a bit of growin up after all. anyways Jamal Abdillah is going to be on tele Friday night. wow-wee!!! the epitome of the 80s Mat Rocker, ballz. friends do not understand why i adore this M'sian has-been. well he's got all my fetishes in a guy: skinny, druggy looking and the garang expression. plus he's a geezer. hence, a boomin' granny. what more can i ask for? i mean, come on, your mommas probably thought he was the coolest thing since sliced bread in the 80s. just ask Najip. gerek no? ahahahahahahahahaha!!!