Move closer, set my mind on fire...
who digs Ash's Goldfinger? i do! i do! been singing it the whole day today.

it's happening this Saturday (18th Sep) at 37 Keong Saik Road (near Outram). i'm part of the Lorem Ipsum collective, the editorial team whose namecard some friends thought was a bit iffy. make an appearance if you can coz i'll probably be in the kissing room (yeah, ballz, that cushionful of room is really called the kissing room) sleeping when i have no one i know to entertain. it's like a pre-launch party for the LI posse. after the draining team photoshoot this afternoon, i think we deserve a celebration of some sort. well, it was draining for me anyways.

this one is for school! SIA girl missing (yet again). flying our friendly skies, that one. null brought back the photos already liao, the ones he took with the Nikon on that one weekend just before BKM flew off to Melbourne. so interested parties who wanna have a look-see can go to my yahoo photo album yar. help yourselves.