Since We Started
today is a special day because one of my oldest girlfriends might be giving birth to a healthy baby girl. as soon as i wake up in the next coupla hours i ma give her a ring. i just read my mail from Auntie Faiz, the supposedly 'favourite' aunt. she's scary. i think she really wants me to get over there and study at GeorgiaTech coz its name keep reappearing in most of her mails. i was thinking even if i did decide to sit for the SATs and money starts to fall out of the high heavens and onto my lap, i'll still think twice about moving there. the good point: it's in Atlanta. alot of bands pass through that state when they're doing shows/tours. hehe. bad point: despite being abroad for more than a decade she still manages to retain her unflinching faith in our religion. not that it's a bad thing. it's just that my hopes of living with a liberated aunt are dashed. i can't imagine bunking in with someone who strongly believes smoking is a disgusting habit. i'm thinking it won't be any different from living at home with momma 24/7 on my case about what's wrong with me. yep, Auntie Faiz is going to act like the surrogate momma i don't need. i have my other cousin's e-mail address now. the matsalleh one Null had a crush on the last time she came round here for a visit. oh and the rest of my family were infatuated with her also. must be the matsalleh thing. so i'm supposed to be teaching her how to pray when i'm all the way over here. go figure. apparently Auntie Faiz says she's a smart cookie (or something along those lines). that cousin of mine is beautiful now. saw the pictures and just like my sister's, her curls are better than mine. how annoying. i am going to think more about this GeorgiaTech business now because after Da went off to Canada, i realise we've reach that age where we can't afford to act stupid anymore. oh you know what i mean, those of you who are already in your early 20s. runderun harm.