OHMYGAWD! Harm, are you actually turned on by this?
heh heh. my friend, the rock diva i've got no respect for. here's a hot-blooded young male looking for some action. and one helluva cantankerous, irascible, defensive motherfucka. all the right ingredients to make me wanna provoke him even more. just for kicks. it's thrilling really, knowing that i'll probably get my face smashed in by him sooner or later if i keep up with my loud, motor-mouth ways. here is a guy who will resort to violence when he's got no more ammo to use against you. so perhaps i shall get my face smashed in but i'm sure it will all be worth it to see a pompous prick get talked down by a girl who isn't a babe (i wonder if he deems a girl a babe if she agrees to sleep with him) but talks way too much noise. it's quite possible he could've run me around if i had been 14 year old who doesn't know any better. a bitch will always be a bitch. no matter how tone down friends say she is now. can y'all say 'BADASS' with me?