i am in a mega foul mood this morning. ever since yesterday, actually. my money is not in my bank. i hate it when my money doesn't come on time. especially not when i've made plans for the next four days. i prefer not to ask money from the parent unit because i already owe them alot (a couple of hundreds) and they'd be on my case about the asking part. i will probably not be smoking in the next four days too. assholes! you come to work on time everytime you're on the schedule, you would think your employers would make the effort to be just as efficient with pay-day. assholes! remember i told you about a boy who would bring me months of bad luck if i so much as type, write, see, hear, read his name? i saw him last night. by accident. so now i'm expecting omens. because i have realised nothing good has ever come after running into him by accident. this is paranoia for you. he is negativity in flesh! ok i sound nutty even to myself. heh. since i have no money to go out today i shall stay home and sulk at my bedroom walls.

i can't think of any cutie i want to post up in this one. see the magnitude of the foulness today? even eyecandy won't help. only money, money, money.