so the plan was to wake up and go to a tea party this morning. but i didn't wake up at all. i was supposed to meet up with Boss to discuss about another project of hers. but i was too goddamn lazy to drag my ass out of bed and take the long ride to Upper Thomson. i told her so through SMS and being the nice lady that she is, she forgave me. i had my shift cancelled today for this. as you can imagine i was free the entire day and i spent it like a total slob. lounge around the house, smoke breaks in between, read the papers, be a total fan and google for Maggie Gyllenhaal (i totally dig this chick), read fanfics in my inbox and just be happy. apparently, Maggie Gyllenhaal is not the only one who got sign on as the new face for Miu Miu's 2004 Fall/Winter collection. remember that kid who played Billy Elliot? yep, Jamie Bell's the face for their menswear. haven't seen the ad yet but it'd be interesting to see that boy do high fashion no? then i watched some TV (the O.C, Oblongs, Twevle Kingdoms, etc.) and happily went back online to read some more fanfics and a few blogs. i've got no decent books to read off late so i'm relying on the Net. doesn't matter if it's trashy or whatever so long as it entertains. i'm trying to forget that i have to write a 500-word piece for the Editor. no, i'm definitely not motivated enough today to do anything constructive. it's the Procastinator talking. heh heh. i remember i learn the word from Nisa all those years ago, back when she still lived along Jln Daud. perhaps Poo is right. people change. best friends change. lovers change. enemies change. but Julian Casablancas? hell no! hahahaha i love that song they put up on The Strokes LJ a few days back. totally feeling it. negativity didn't bug me too much today. though i heard someone has been laboriously styling his hair these days. laughed my ass off when i was told. i really don't know that person anymore, do i? just as well.