i have decided to call the current boomin' granny Datuk Vader. he's as good as being my unwanted boyfriend these days. y'know one of those old married couples who always always always rub each other the wrong way? yeah. we got bogged down with the bloody website and he's been texting me everyday to remind me that "the website is not done properly. we're gonna be screwed". how did the two of us got stuck with dealing with this shit is beyond me. like there are two more idiots in the team here. why me why me. i'm not even good with the web.

anyway, thanks to Datuk Vader, i have developed an 'ish for Sumner's corny lyrics and voice. yay me. i think if i hang out with him long enough, i will morph into a female version of Brody from Mall Rats. shudder. all these elitist star wars geeks who are trying to ignore the fact that they're actually old farts already. now THERE'S an epidemic. get some skills to pay the bills yo! (i am an elitist beastie boys geek through and through)