who would have thought that i would find the old lady boss' new victim funny. me and the boss hadn't spoken to each other for eons. sometimes i see her around but i won't acknowledge her because she has a knack of drawing people into her sticky nest (which later you will find out that in actual fact IT IS NOT A NEST BUT A VORTEX). yes, like the venus fly trap. i never thought much about her chosen mates until one day i stumbled upon a blog by her current suitor. he is funny in an understated, wry, kinda-like-my-old-supervisor-Nick way. you get the feeling that the bloke indulges in her every whims not without a bitchy undercurrent. i don't doubt that he loves her but unlike many blokes he is realistic about her shortcomings. how do i make this sound right? it's like reading your kopi shop punter uncle blogging about your made-up, jade ringed auntie. but the boss would kill me if i told her so, that i like reading his blog. because despite her razor sharp intelligence, she has the emotional capacity of a five year old. hence, she will want to slice my head off. i'm not kidding. she is THAT primitive.