How Do I Feel?

Break, breakdown. Steady breakin' me on down.

i've always wondered why this track never made it big over here because i dig the video and plus it's got Bone Thugs N Harmony. love 'em. this is to all the honeys i went to school with (circa 2001-2004). remember the time in the publishing room when the song was turned up LOUD and two friends will be crooning BUT NOBODY DOES THE BONES PARTS! GAH!

so this is my favorite bone, Layzie;

Every new day is a test for me,
so I just pray the Lord for Him to bless me, please.
There's struggles I'm goin' through lately,
breaks me down, set me free.
Let me be. Let me be.
Who else do I have to rely on?
Whose shoulder can a thug go cry on?
Can I get my vibe on?
While you look into my eyes,
you won't underestimate, and this soldier story,
I'ma tell you right now I'm fed up.
Wrong if I let my lead bust?
Pac said keep your head up.
Don't let this world get the best of you,
I'm a stress you through it,
if it's over, over, over.
Don't breakdown yet, it's over.

emo sia but it will always remind me of school.

don't breakdown yet it's over huh?