how's about a little Angela Carter esque tale about the maiden and the adventurous explorer. once there was a maiden whose heart went to Siberia for a time. Upon returning home, it lost its way. An explorer caught wind of this and set forth on an expedition to retrieve the heart to its owner. To Siberia he went in all virility and glory. But didn't anybody tell him he might meet certain death? Of course, he knew. But he is the adventurous explorer after all.

Come now, sir, why don't you really tell us why you are not afraid of certain death. "It is because I have nothing to lose, no family to return to and no friends to miss me when I'm gone." Instead of worrying about the papers I have to sit for, I indulged in some self-pity by tuning in to Neil Young.

this man is responsible for my being miserable on Monday night. Songs like On The Beach, Down By The River and Old Man (especially Old Man) are enough to make you climb deeper into yourself and take a look around. Which is why I prefer Dylan to Young because Dylan's safe while Young makes it personal, so personal it hits where it hurts most. Amen.