The boyfriend sits sadly in front of his computer as he waits for me to finish reading the article. 'Teen Vandals Nabbed' reads the headline. Another two bite the dust. Suddenly it was 2007 all over again and I was trying to find the words to soothe his distraught aunt. Well it's no use to feel sorry for the ASA lads. I just hope they went big before they got caught. A lot of us wished we were born in a different place altogether. It is sad that what one can do best is suppressed, repressed or compromised in the bid to uphold order in a society.

This was what Encik Brunetti said in a Format interview:

I can only comment on myself and my brand and we have absolutely zero parallel.

I starting bombing in 1984. I have never really classified myself as a ‘graffiti artist’ within the streetwear industry, because my belief has always been that graff belongs on the street. My opinion is simple: putting graff in galleries or on clothing only dilutes the powerful message graffiti carries of being an outlaw in society.

Once graff appears in galleries, on clothing and other products, to me, it’s similar to seeing a once proud, wild panther taken from its natural habitat and put in a zoo. It becomes safe and loses its purpose.

Bombing and writing graff is in your blood. If you have the disease, you can never stop. I still find myself tagging while I’m out walking the dog or sitting and talking on the phone, and so on. It’s as natural as tapping my fingers on a table. My taxes pay for public property, I will do with it as I please, thus write on it.

And he's not one to mince his words either. Therefore, the boyfriend's choice in 'biggest hero of all time' is justified.