I've Got Issues With The Man With Issues
It was finding out about his wife that did it. I've begun to obsessed over his life. Not in a fan girl way, though. God no. I keep thinking: why would a chick like that be married to a dude like that? What did she ever see in him? Of course, I could ask that same question to any seemlngly mis-matched pair in this world but this dude annoys the hell out of me because:

  1. Like I've said before, if he was God, the boyfriend would be Moses and I'd be done for
  2. How can someone put out such lewd shirts and not get slammed by psycho feminists
  3. How can a man famed for being obnoxiously rude still have street wear pundits around the world think he's shitting gold
  4. How can one have the audacity to have one's range of limited editions be made available only in this side of the Pacific and not in one's home ground in the U.S. (And no, even then you can't order it online. You gotta go to the store in person and purchase it in person.)
  5. The worse part of it all is I have to admit he's good...aaargh annoying giler!
What gives, man. I've made him the president of SEE (Stinkingly Elitist & Exclusive). SEE is something I came up with after much cursing and swearing at the kool kats on uniforme.