People always tell me I don't pay enough attention to my surroundings. For example: Daisy Lowe on the cover of I.D. magazine. I wrapped and secured a pile of them weeks before I even realized she is who everyone seems to be bitching about just because she is touted as being the next British IT Girl just because she usurped Old Dame Moss for the face of Agent Provocateur. How did I come about this: while looking for a Converse ad. The brother says he thinks Ilmari is endorsing Converse because he saw one store put up a poster with a dude who looks like him. Well, I never come across the ad he was talking about but I keep coming across the I.D. cover. Why do I keep coming across this horrid magazine cover? My opinion of I.D. magazine is the same for Nylon, Dazed & Confused and Flaunt which is similar to Encik B's opinion on grown men buying toys and limited edition sneakers which surprise surprise I agree with. Confuse already? Nevermind, I'm digressing anyway. What was it? I.D. magazine cover. Yes, it was when I click on one of the images, got onto someone's blog and she's ranting on about this Daisy Lowe fella. AND I REMEMBERED! That chick Aliah was going on about being a daughter of Gavin Rossdale, dating Mark Ronson and looking already in her prime at the age of 19. Geezus and those I.D. pictures... are you kidding me? It's a rare feat to shoot raw edginess tastefully. That photo shoot wasn't an example of said rare feat. Sorry.