When I was on the cusp of being an insolent teenager, these videos helped me along.

I think right around this time, Smells Like Teen Spirit was already cast in stone as THE anthem of the 90s. Or was it Creep? Or Basket Case? I don't know. I don't how I got into Foo Fighters, seeing as how I never became a Nirvana fan. I blame MTV Alternative Nation.


Then it was the Pumpkins and this video was how the 12 year old me wanted my 17 year old self to party. Well, got that wish in dribs and drabs. And then Ava Adore had to disappoint me so much. I blame it on MTV.

And this was when the transition kicked in. I went into this whole obnoxious, in-your-face phase and what better band to get into but the Beastie Boys. One of my most enduring favorites, I have to say. Love them till today.