Camper "Deigo" spells trouble. Not only does he spell trouble but also, the pompous prick tried to do that whole I'm-an-indie-elitist bullshit on, of all people, me.

Don't ask me about Blondie when you don't know who Johnny Thunders is

Don't talk to me about new wave when you don't know Human League

Don't bang on and on about Ella Fitzgerald when you don't know Dinah Washington

And don't try to convince me that the whole Velvet Underground, Nico and Andy Warhol was the coolest thing that happened to New York

Most of all, don't impose! I know you're rich and you're used to getting whatever the hell it is that you want, I know you're 18 and I know too well you're sexed up. I can be a real music Nazi and I can break your tender eighteen year old balls even before you can learn how to use them.