Had I drawn on the wall like you did, little girl, the last thing I would do is to think of ways to compliment the boyfriend's drawings. Or worse, draw around his piece. Eh crap lar. Get your tarty social climber ass out of my sight. It's messing with my chi. I've been through loads of identity crisis shams. But you... geezus... we're talking about a girl who build her whole identity around the blokes she dated. And suddenly, miraculously, from a Nancy Spungen, she became an Amanda De Cardenet. "Suddenly, I feel totally artistic, getting my fill from all these get-rich-quick arty portals because anyone can draw." Think again, Einstien. More like anyone can work their way across a graphic tablet with a stylus.

Bottomline: you is still a groupie, baby.

Hmmm, kinda juvenile on my part but I'm in a mood for some online social bashing.