First of all I would like to apologise to Naz. Something's wrong with the bag jpg. Chee Bai. Gonna fix it the soonest I get an idea what went wrong. Coz it was fucking me up last night also.
I'm sure it's not the morning fog lar. The guy is actually worth looking at when he's not wearing his wassuper threads. He had on a white pale-striped short sleeves button down shirt, rinse jeans that looks Nautica-ish. Except fo the shoes. Still all white Air Force. He came to the bust stop with his headphones and botak head. Alamak! Like Pharrell ar. The skin also sama colour. Girls, your boyfriends should always be at least a shade darker than you. Then mo sek!
Came to work today with a smirk on my face because of him. This guy is not at all skinny, much less lily-assed. He is nice-ly built and I suspect he runs with the Boon Keng Arthur posse coz he always comes from the direction of Boon Keng. The really tan looking skimmer guys who are forever loaded with cash.
It's beginning to look like I'm never going to swallow my pride fo a certain Dave Ghrol. Coz, baby, some things are juz not meant to be. This rawks! A new target and I'm buzzed!