Whenever I come back from work I'm always distracted. I'll be thinking about a gazillion things and there's this space out look on my face (so my brother tells me). I never try to sort out these gazillion things that I'm always thinking about. Maybe coz I'll juz end up with a big fat headache.
Anyways tmrw is Null's birthday. He's turning 15. What fun. Of coz, he's not subtle about it. Null being Null. Still a virgin (I dare to hope). Hahaha!
I listened to Net radio the whole day today. It's becoming a habit, I'm addicted to it. Came across a phat-ass radio station and get this: it hails all the way from Copenhagen, Denmark. It's called Ghetto SKUM. Should get the idea what kinda tracks they play. I kinda like their tag: Ghetto SKUM is hiphop and R&B from the street sweet to the sour. The thing was European rap sounds oddly like Jap and Cantonese/Taiwanese hiphop. And not only do they play German/ Italian/ French rap, they play South American rap as well. They are like the hiphop version of a 'World Music' radio station. The radio version of hiphop motherfucking WOMAD.
Maybe that's why these wassupers are always going on and on about one love.
The Neptunes has become one of my favourite bands of all time. I could guess that Beenie Man's Feel It Boy was produced by them. Such distinct sounds. Plus, the song reminds me of J5 with Cut Chemist. that kinda sounds, you know. Not too heavy on the beats.
Ghetto SKUM's play list is super impressive. Not too big on today's hiphop hits. They played Wu Tang Clan's Ain't Nuthing Ta (think Shogun got his name from the lyrics), an NWA song and people like D'Angelo (tho i think his Devil's Pie is a total sinker).
Detest song of the day: Wayne Wonder's Don't Let It Go. It's a song I'd like to term 'ape saje'.
During my bored spells at work today I checked out some websites on The Strokes to see whether I can find some nice candid shots of them (ok, Fab only). And! I came across this site which was all in Portuguese. Sial ar! JACKPOT! Apparently, Fab has a strong fanbase in Brasil. But I couldn't view the photos coz you gotta be a member, it's group/club thing.
You know, we gotta hit Fiji. Fiji, Rio, Koh Phi Phi beaches. We'll bring hammocks and soak up the sun and we'll be listening to Ghetto SKUM coz they have absolutely no annoying ad slots and minimal DJ jingles. Oh and the tracks are segued properly. Very thorough, these Ghetto SKUM people.
But I really gotta hit Rio just once before I end my days. I want go jig jig wit guys of the Fabrizio Moretti variety.
I still think Simple Plan should just quit the pop punk genre and enter New Rock. Getting on my nerves, getting on my nerves.