Good Morning my fellow sufferers!!!!!!!
I shall always blog first thing I get to the office. Coz then the big boss ain't around and I'm lazy to start my work right away.
I saw not my Japenese dude at my bus stop but some wassuper. Damn! Hardly eyecandy if you ask me. Carrying a clothes bag, I suspect he's heading for the CD headquarters and that's his uniform in the bag. He wears typical 'ghetto fabulous' (apprently) garb: big white shirt, denims, white Nikes Air Force and, get this, a fake Gucci bucket hat. HELLO! It's too early in the day for me to see an EYESORE! Need I say mo? Talk about faux pas!!!! Before I got blogging I actually did a little re-decoration of my cub hole. I pin up all the hotties I told you guys about from the DBmag. I feel like a normal teenage girl now. DBmag is going to be my very own GQ magzine.
Poo, I can't wait to get my hands on your java script. Da, I'm sorry I did your layout like some Wild Life Conservation website. HAH! I thought it was better than the baby blue faggy color scheme. I could do a better job but it all depends whether if your computers stores the fonts I'm using. So pls understand amigas.
Agatha called yesterday. She called my office phone. Which reminds me: maybe I should give her our blog adds so she won't get bored as well.