I got to know today that Lurp's dad is in hospital. It was a heart attack. Dang! Seems like a alot of people are getting seriously ill these days. Lurp says the situation is critical. He's a nice man, Lurp's dad. Praying that he'll be alrite.
No recording today. Kenny says it's only jamming today. Chee Bai Muhd! I ma get you for this. Yesterday was Dino's birthday, apparently. They had a bbq for him, the entire Roxy Baduts and they wanted my brother there. Bday boy broke a bone or something and Null was like: and he still has the energy to show up at East Coast. My brother didn't go coz he didn't wanna. Yep, entertaining his gf, yet again. I wasn't invited for very obvious reasons. I'm not a Badut (and I'll kill myself if I was one).
Pharrell Williams may replace my obssession with my Booming Granny. HEH!
What would I give to have my cable back so I can do some serious layout overhaul with my Mac. I want to do my own frames and banner for my blog ar people. Very geram U know! I know I can do some serious modifications to my templates and when I do you guys won't be reading my blogs no mo coz then it won't a blog, it'll be the website of my t-shirt company. Yep, Professor Turner was right. Entreprenuership usually runs in the blood. He's a cool guy for a professor, utterly at ease with himself.
Then again I could berangan some mo, won't do me no harm.