It's creepy when you dream about the past.
Yes, had funky dreams again last night. I dreamt I was vacationing in Melaka with Eugene and Mario as my brothers. EUGENE and MARIO oritez? Geez, I haven't heard from them in eons so dreaming about them last nite was kinda wierd. Then I dreamt I was at Nisa's old place, Jln Daud. Nisa wasn't there and the new owners was a Chinese family. They removed the spiral staircase and substitute it with a regular one. There goes that beautiful place. I dreamt I got bitten by this sandy coloured son of a bitch (no, not Eric) when I was outside the gate. The family didn't looked too happy to see me and for some reason everybody was staying on the ground floor, nobody wanted to go up. Apparently, they had occupants on the 2nd and 3rd floor (not of the normal kind, mind).
It's been a long time since my last visit to Jln Daud. Won't be surprise if the current occupants really did removed the spiral staircase. Either way, I still miss Nisa. She's not coming back here. Her dad has probably become a PR in M'sia finally with the house at Changi sold off. To this day, I never really quite understand her momma's logic about moving the whole family to KL. Heard from Nisa, her momma gets bloody paranoid about the government here.