My favourite 3rd cousin came round for a sleepover last night. Something was up coz normally she don't do sleepovers, especially at our place. Her husband was up to his tricks again as I've suspected. Politics are getting thick on my momma's side of the family. Problems...Let's give it up for problems.
I was telling my cousin that everything is easier coz she has no kids of her own yet and she told me sadly she doesn't think she can have kids even if she wanted to. This is all too saddening and maddening, isn't it?
Although I didn't appreciate it when she gave a lecture about my currently non-existent lovelife. Thanks to my brother Null's big-ass mouth. Coz my cousin was wondering how come I had pictures of different guys pasted on the board in my room and my brother was telling her all the stories of each guy and how long each lasted with me. He makes me seem like Cruella DeVille and my cousin was going on and on about how I can't treat a prospect like one of my lackeys. Whatever to that! Of coz Null didn't exclude any single detail when my cousin was asking about Muhd. Null was just trying to spite me coz he's all smug that he and his gf is going on 5months two days after his birthday next week. BITCH!
I felt like the biggest idiot who ever lived after my cousin was done with her harangue-ing. She always had a way with words. Can I just say that I will only be faithful if I get with my booming granny (this cousin of mine is the same age as him, 24yr old)?
Naz, I will do that shirt in red words on white shirt. You've always been the brilliant one in these things.