So yea I’m thinking about crashing The Red Party this Saturday. Gotta tell ya some of our fellow mates type some very ‘interesting’ bits on their respective blogs. Hahahahaha! I’m considering of becoming either an anal librarian or an anal matron at some all-girls academy. Think I got the makings. I must be the dull-est person I know right now. How the hell did pink pussy kat put our links on her blog, I’d like to know. I haven’t figure out how this bloody thing works, being too tired to fiddle around with the settings when I got home last night. Knackered, knackered, knackered. I resent the band Ronin. They are playing all the gigs I was trying to hustle for and they probably don’t even have a decent demo tape. The rest of us are using CD these days, oritez!
Okay, funky dream alert. Had a funky dream last night. I dreamt I was car racing (a la Hot Wheels) with two hiphop heavy weights, Redman and Methodman. But they were mean ass in my dream. Scary. And we were doing that loop-the-loop thing. Came in second after Red. Methodman wasn’t happy and he wanted to pound me up. Lucky for me I woke up just in time.