Family salami. No biggie you wannabe arabi.
I have a family and I'm hardly proud of belonging to it. Anyways, the Gods are kind. Hopefully I get to secure two gigs for DF in the next coming months. Of coz them being half-wits, they fail to inform me that recording is already scheduled on the 16th. Chee Bai Nez!
Still clueless about the Ting and JigMan conflict. In the words of Zack De La Rocha: Problems... Let's give it up for problems! Watched 'Mind Your language' yesterday and I have to say I love the mafia. Lovely lovely people. Always have been a sucker for pin-striped suits, two-tone shoes, Fedoras and guns (eh not water guns ar. not even big ass supersoakers. real thing here. real THANG. pls refer to Bone Thugs N Harmony Resurrection album Track #09 fo sm serious re-education on 'real things').
Did you guys know Fab (the curls, the olive skin, the brooding eyes and the luscious lips) is actually half Brazilian and Italian? Betcha didn't. So much sexier than being half melayu and arab.
The girls who are thinking about the KL trip. We should have AbFab in mind. They are so thrilling-ly glamourous! Booze and fags and blunts. hardeeharhar! Absolutely Fabulous yah?