A song to counter Simple Plan's ADDICTED. It follows the same tune.

Here I am writing this song, I knew you were wrong
You're a bitch, you're bitch who knew shit
I can't pretend I don't care when you think it's fo free
Do you think I will miss you
I tried so hard to tell you, but useless that way

It was so very chee bai to go out with you
So I regret it, can't think it so stupid were you
now it's over, wasn't coz you were fat
and I never wanna do this again
Timewaster Timewaster

Since the day I met you and after all we been through
Still with hate, when your name's being said
I think you know that it's true
I bed a thousand guys to spite you
Do you think I will miss you?
I never got that sappy
I did all that I could, just to piss you
but you didn't get it anyway


How long will I be faking?
Until I'm out of rhyme
I don't know why I'm still rhyming
I don't think I have time


...timewaster...punk rocker...wassuper
I'm a smart bitch than you
I'm so through with you
I'm too much for you
The things that you do

A surefire way to kill me is if the only band left in the world is Simple Plan coz I'll kill me.