As I've predicted the Pharrell-lookalike Mat wasn't at the bus stop on Monday morning. It was a bad sign. It was sign that I was going to hear from Muhd soon. And I DID! Called coz he wanted me to chill with him at PW. Got me when I was in one of my Queen Bitch moods and we all know how I'm like when I'm in one of those.
Gawd I'm mega paranoid where Muhd is concern. It is the fucking truth. And the Pharrell-lookalike Mat didn't show up this morning either. How annoying! Juz when I wanted to make my move.
There's some hope for DF yet. I sent out their band write-ups to four organisations since 2 weeks ago and I've heard from only one. And I was so happy and telling everybody to love me coz of my brilliant-ness. I gotta figure out how to arrange a meet-up coz the guy who called me up says he needs to listen to them play. Checked with Muhd and he can't tell me fo sure whether Kenny still has the MD wif their DIY recording. So only solution: bring the guy down to Boon to check em out. Tricky, tricky, tricky. Everybody's busy and there's no gurantee those three fools won't be broke by the end of the week. And THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL I MA FORK OUT FO THEIR JAMMING! Coz I KNOW I don't look like a CFO (since I've started at Smart Investor I pick up on the lingo. CFO=Chief Financial Officer).