Why DF Can Never Be Like The Strokes
1) most obvious reason: no Fabrizio Moretti in DF
2) not even a lookalikey
3) none of them dresses "mod" and one of them actually believes he's got the Jap look locked (A.K.A 'AfroKen' the cartoon Jap dog)
4) I know for sure The Strokes are not retarded
5) DF has no sultry honeys with black-khol eyeliner hanging around them
6) their idea of a good album cover is a spoof from Blink's 182 Enema Of the State (the one with the nurse, only they gonna use a minah)
7) everybody else except Sal needs singing lessons
8) Jack Purcells can never replace Chuck Taylors if we're tokking ol skool
9) DF are tapered-pants haters

If I was The Strokes manager
1) most obvious: I'll shag the drummer
2) I'm SO out of Singapore
3) not only will I shag the drummer, I'll shag the cuties who are their opening acts
4) I'll be high on bubbly and blunts and Marlboros 24/7
5) I can afford to invite everyone of my friends back home (except DF) to all of the exclusive parties, with all of those indie, new rock bands attending
6) I'll be a bitch and forget I ever came from Singapore
7) My retirement days will be spent in Rio