Why is it that Walking After You song by the Foo Fighters ALWAYS make me reminisce about unwanted moments/persons? Crap ar!
It has been 4mths since I've did some serious rolling. Everybody has abandone ship. ODC is extinct. Makes me sad. I bought DBmag yesterday out of habit. Realise the old skool pros are back in the scene. Who is in the August issue? Lemme see... Brian Shima is in one of the first few pages, Walt Austin has a full page to himself, the EMAGDNIM boys (Dustin, Chris, Brandon and, yes, the infamous Aaron Feinberg), Jochen Smuda (tot he quit aggro), Louie Zamora, Randy Spizer and my all time favourite Abdiel Coldberg. The old skool is BACK!
There're a coupla cute looking new skool-ers. 2 French rookies and 1 Yank. The yank looks disturbingly like the Ozzy Osbourne version of Damon Albarn (if that's even possible!). He's called Tory Treseder but his music preference has got to go (he ranked The White Stripes in his top five picks). Have never seen a French skate before but judging from the mag, they look like they can give the Yanks a run for their money in the next Summer X Games.
They did a cover story on Franky Morales. AW PAPI!!!!!!! He's hot hot hot! I didn't know he em-cees. Apparently,DBmag says they hope Trick Daddy doesn't get in touch with Franky coz they need him to skate the comps. How interesting.
Anyways my long-time obsession will be performing 2nite at the parade. He looks aged. What am I saying? He is gonb 24 this year (note:a full week before my birthday). I wonder if I'll ever get over my booming granny. Like you know, when I'm all grown and married to someone else, will I still obsess about him. Oh well...