Hot damn! but them boys want the money man
Leave 'em funkies alone, Naz. Coz they're so self-absorbed with their funkiness there won't be no room for you, girl. One of the vain-est male species, these funkies. They put their bloody vespas before you.

Hey, you know what I think is hot right now? A malay guy with Chad Hugo's skin colour, Brandon Boyd's bod wearing wife-beater, faded blue (so faded that it almost looks white) Lee jeans, with Kid Rock's long ramrod straight hair, Pharrell Williams' trucker cap and Null's old skool Reeboks. Yum yum yum! And smells ironically of United Colours of Benetton 'So Clean'. Hahaha! That's Hot#01 oritez? Hot#02 is a hybrid of ol skool hiphop and 70s punk.