Icarus Wings Mah Bee-YOU-TEE-Ful Arse

Remember I told you guys I might be addicted to Net radio? Well, now it's a new addiction for me. Reading on the Net about everything yet nothing (feeling every bit the oxymoron today. maybe coz it's Monday).
For example, I found out Ralph Lauren and I share the same birthday. Wow who would have thought.
A new net guerilla ripping-off-mp3s tactic is something called a darknet. It's what's called private file-sharing network. You need a special software though. Some things called direct connect and open source variation. Apparently, since most of these darknets are a pretty small and tight community, downloading speed is not an issue. Funkoz!
And all of you people who thinks Karen O makes her own clothes, well DO SOME RE-THINKING! She has her very own 'image-maker'. She's called Christian Joy. She does the D.I.Y stuff on all of Karen's garments and she comes out with the radical ideas and stuff. That sorta got me put-off. I thought Karen O was purely funkoz by herself, you know.
Oh well, no matter.
If I get to go Atlanta, I'll spend a month infont of the tele watching solely Fox TV. They have some really interesting programming, man. Was reading about it off the Net juz now about how Paris Hilton is going to star in this reality show called The Simple Life. I think she's hot. The sister can forget-bout-dre lar.
American college kids should juz die lar. I read that they have this thing called The Farm (Field Academic Research and Marketing) over there. It's run by college kids and it's a company that market products by big-ass names like Microsoft and the likes to other college kids (and only college kids). And the requirements: you have to be too cool for school and get down with the low-down. I saw a picture of their staff and they all look like they belong in a The Gap ad. Seems to me like it works like an SIP thing. Coz these people are running the business while still in school.
Hey you guys remember the Washington Sniper a year back? Am I the only moron who didn't know the culprit was just an 18year kid? Wah-lau mondo pai-seh sial!