Urm... bit worried
No one knows how serious Mat's condition is. Null went with the junior Roxy Baduts to see him but they couldn't get past the nurse coz they weren't related to him.
Hahaha... they bought him fruits and chips. I was thinking how much the Badut Central love Muhd. Of coz I had to switch to selfish mode and thought about all the things THEY could get for me if I was hospitalised. Told Null I'll draw up a list of 10 CDs he could get for me in the event of me going into a coma, strapped to a hospital bed. Told him also I'd like to watch Care Bears on DVD.
Gawd I really hope it's just gastric pangs and not some serious bone fracture. I was picturing how in pain and alone he must have felt last night. And all the 'friends' that'll probably be visiting him after visiting hours. Not a place I wanna be in even if I haven't the mood to socialize. I never like hospitals. Hospitals un-nerve me.
You can't smoke, can't eat ice cream, can't eat chocolate, can't drink coke, eat shit ass food and everything smells the same -some funny, synthetic smell. The smell is sorta like wet carpet in a not so well-ventilated room.
No worries, won't be a bitch and pretend I don't care for our beloved Muhd. I'm buying him a Snicker bar once he's out to show care and concern.