Have Love Will Travel
Somebody reminded me that life is too short to hate and that hate is only excess baggage. Two words for that somebody: SOD OFF! If I had my own militia, I'll gun down everyone of Sarsi's comrades. Oops, or should I say 'royal family'? Motherfucking hoes! Them fools. If I had my own militia, I'd do what Germany did to the last of the Ramanov monarchy all those years ago... similar to that Chicago Valentine's Day gunning under that bridge all those years ago. Bitch bitch bitch!
It's vile being in the same room as Null when he's having convos with that girlfriend of his. I'm telling ya, the bitch has got issues. Was happily downloading polyphonics to my hp using his SIM card when she had to call. I told her nicely if she could call back later coz I was downloading stuff but of coz she didn't listen to me. Kept on calling. I refrain myself from calling her a motherfucking bitchass hoe. I don't know why I make the effort to be nice. Ended up not being able to download stuff.
What I can't understand is how Null can actually entertain her shitload of emo nonsense. It's obvious he'd rather play his gameboy but Null's trying too hard to psyche himself to seem like the perfect patient and understanding boyfriend. I must be living in another parallel universe or something coz I don't understand alot of things happening around this place.
For example, I don't understand why a 'reporter' gets a whole second page writing about social/fad issues in The Straits Times. The halfwit wrote on HipHop. I swear to gawd that topic is getting incredibly mediocre. So last millenium. I think my most favourite bit in the article is when she got some Chink quoting that Malays are the blacks of Singapore. Major major faux pas.
Another thing I don't understand is why somebody let himself get gastric pains when he knows he has friends to feed him. I can't understand why this somebody who always makes it his business to preach to me about helping myself, doesn't help himself. Question: if you can't make use of your friends why have friends at all? Get an inflatable dummy, numsayin'?
Migraine ar all these people. Anyways, I won the bet. Muhd got int for gastric. Null's paying up with interest next month. Whoop dee doo.