You know what? FINE!
i shall accept the fact that no matter how much 'which Stroke are you' quiz i take i get Julian Casablancas. had a bizzare tot while i was pooping at the office loo earlier on.

since i'm Julian (The Agonist) i was thinking maybe the rest of my posse can be the rest of The Strokes too. only we would change our name to The Strobes.
Nasty Naz can be Albert Hammon Jr -The Genial Clotheshorse
Da can be Nikolai Fraiture -The Introvert
BKM can be Nick Valensi -The Hotheaded Pretty Boy (tho i'm not sure BKM's hotheaded)
and Ah Mah can be Fabrizio Moretti -The Intellectual Dreamboat

and our first song will be a punk version of SP's Perfect (that song agonizes me so coz of bad memories), remixed with Diana Ross' 'I'm Coming Out' song that Mase did with P.Diddy. you want radical, try this on fo size.