random random thoughts...
i suddenly realised that i could be kirk hammett's daughter, now that my hair's longer and all. shah thinks i'm on drugs when i told her that. she is losing hope in faz (so she tells me). oh wellz... guys are guys, girls are girls. nothing good nothing bad bout it, it's juz nature. kurt corbain sang once: nature is a whore. well of coz nature is whore: your middle name's donald, kurt. yo momma couldn't get any mo poyoh than that, luv.
i also realised that i could check fo white hair growing around my crown coutersy of the office elevators. they have mirror ceilings so i'm gon make a point to look up and check fo white hair when i'm alone taking the lift.
and what's this with 1st boyfriend is yo last. podah! delusions delusions delusions. the rich are constantly strive on delusions. the rest of us are mucking around in the real world. some wanna sleep with others, some wanna kill others, some wanna die alone, some wanna get on other's nerves, some wanna abuse others, some wanna abuse thmesleves...the list goes on and on and on and on.