did i forget to mention that i'm a fan of the strokes?
my folks are getting sick of me playing Room On Fire over and over again. it's been two days and i still have the album on the repeat on my stereo. i truly dig the tracks. my folks suck for not appreciating. i turn it up real loud and i'll boogie inside my room. harharhar... the only exercise i ever do these days anyways.
when i was out today, i was zoning out big time and singing the ocassional chorus from one of the Room On Fire songs. bad! and i was thinking about how cool i'll look if i had actually bought that pants from bugis market and wore it with booming granny's rainbow T-shirt and my Chucks. of coz i'll deconstruct that bachin T of his, into a toga or something. smack yo! but i think super tight (or "skinny" or "tapered") jeans are really a health hazard. not to mention a sauna. i was walking around bugis for 4 bloody hours today wearing my birthday pants and i got so fucked up coz the place was all crowded and hot and my pants was sticking to every inch of my lower half. got incredibly pek chek and bought a mini skirt and changed to that on the spot.
shah went sungei road and got levis for 15 bucks today without me. of coz shah being shah had to inform me right away thru SMS. oh well, congratulations, darling! kudos to you and your vintage glory-ness. apparently, we are not the only common people who have taken notice of our friend at Ig's Heaven. lurp and her cousin knew who i was talking about right away when i was in the middle of bitching about him. they don't know him personally but they still took notice. he has got to die! that star really has got to be good and dead. then i can kebas all his jeans and Ts.
my singlets are becoming to be my prefered choice of top. i look extraordinarily bachin. like i just got out of bed the next day after some good sex and threw on my boyfriend's singlet and walk around orchard looking out-of-sorts but smirking all the way. harharhar! coz we got stared at that night. at HMV. ran into a coupla mat mods and got cornered at the magazine section. they were giving me looks but he was there to stare right back at them. always wanna protect me, that one. i'm amused the whole night coz we even took the attention away from that triple noise guy and his girlfriend while crossing the street.