i look at you, you look at me and we both know how it was and how it's always gon be
tho it's wrong to be singing praises about someone else's god, i'll sing it anyway coz it's nice. i think it goes some thing like this:
oh happy days, oh happy days
when jesus comes, when jesus comes

tho i could be wrong. heh, forgive me. i'm in one of my crazy-ass funks. good crazy-assed.
strokes' Room On Fire is excellent. i'm such a fan, i know. i remind myself of those mindless boy band chasers at times. it's hard not to like them lar. one of them things. i could pick out my favourite tracks on that album on my first listen. great CD to put on loud when you're driving down the snakey road in Cameron Highlands at dawn. sejuk and all, man, best! especially when you've had a lil bit too much of bubbly. goodness, pretty soon i'm gon b an alcoholic. been thinking about doing the bottle a lot lately. fo the last two days.
but i think somebody will keep me in line. like last nite! chee bai if looks can kill! the look i got made me think twice about getting another bottle, man. last night i wanted to get good and drunk but i couldn't coz of that.
oh and yeah---> one mo person to add on my "most gorgeous voices of 2003" list:
my answer to all of those "Which Strokes Are You" quizzes: Mr Casablancas
now all you folks gotta do is focus on the music, forget about the hype. focus, i say!

i don't say i-love-yous like i should but you know i'm grateful anyways