hola!¿como va?
i did some "check it yo" over at Yahoo! Travel. well, all i can say is each of us gotta fork out approximately SGD800 for Phuket. that includes air-plane tickets, accomodation and shopping/eating/jigjig-ing. pretty decent, me thinks.
can we like stay in a b&b/inn? coz i just know there's going to be a much decent younger selection of meat at this places compared to the old farts over at them snazzy hotels. it'll be so cool. we could sorta discreetly note which room their bunking in and aksen aksen prank call that room and then later we all head out to PARTEEEEE together-gether!
i volunteer to be the navigator. i could do our map homework for us. shah could be our FC(financial controller), it's her thing really. the rest of you just indulge in your R&R.

My suggestion #01: South Sea Karon Resort
Pricing: SGD 176.17-234.90
Type: b&b/inn
What they haven't got: a swimming pool but the spa makes up for it, pretty cozy looking-place

one more thing: somebody check SilkAir coz the other airlines doesn't fly from Singapore straight to Phuket.