nicky sickly blue eyes
i hate my super's eyes. he doesn't deserve it. makes him look gay. NO! i'm magnifies his gayness. anyways i've been in a pretty smirky mood these days despite recent setbacks. been reading the strokes fanfic all morning today and well, there are good writers among the gazillions billion strokes fans out there. hehehe... i was thinking how'd it be like if i put myself and the DFs in the strokes' shoes. i know i'll make an agreeable casablancas. forever fucked up, prima donna, hating my father for being the biggest bitch ever. kenny would have to be hammond jr coz he's always happy-go-lucky and well... horny and stuff. muhd of coz would have to be valensi for very obvious reasons (imagine him in skin tight jeans...-shudder- gross!). and last but not least my "all-time favourite" DF member will become my gorgeous guy of the millenia. johnjohn is fab. i realise they have the same smile and both love to refer to themselves as the 'artiste' (podah!). and i cannot believe bkm told me one day that she finds johnjohn cute. i dunno whether i should start worrying coz the last time she found someone cute it was simon and she ended up with him. we don't need a nikolai.