i have nothing to talk about today. but bali has been changed to phuket. i am dead tired and i am not looking forward to tomorrow's conference at raffles hotel in the morning.
the pictures stored in null's phone are better than those in the digicam. cable will cost us SGD160+++. bleurrrgh. motorola hellomoto beats samsung V200 hands down!
if i had gone to sentosa today with sweetz, i think i'll probably collapsed on the sand, fully clothed, not moving.
on chapter 3 of my latest concoction of fiction at the moment. been cracking my brains since dawn. only four hours of sleep and i am incredibly plastered.
track #02 off the Dude Foundation demo is having that "Good Charlotte Girls&Boys" effect on me. the kinda song you force yourself not to like but you like it anyways coz the chorus is infectious. oh! which reminds me. the CD is a demo so who wants a copy, tag my board. FOC.
and mat due to my lack of sleep, at 3.47am this morning i looked at your picture and i thought to myself ,"hmmm... i wouldn't mind getting it raw on the set with someone who looks like that." harharhar... i dare you to fuck my brains out.