okay i totally dig NOFX. i'll pick them over the ataris any day, man. the spirit of punk rock is not dead. though, i can't say the same for hiphop. harharhar. anyways, auntie faiz hasn't reply to my mail yet. i think she thinks it's some psycho who got her e-mail add through hacking the system.
but on the brighter side of things: organisers kept in touch and DF may be playing at Faber House once again this Dec. sorry, boys, i won't be around. i'll be partying in phuket. nyeh nyeh nyeh. dunno whether i should hook up with the far east people. sound quality at far east a bit cock up ar. i think wait until i get really really desperate fo gigs.

phrase of the day (courtesy of Kenny A.K.A DF Jambu)
"Phuket? Is that Thailand? Haha... i dunno"